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    Lupine CHATELAIS


    Hello everyone!

    My name is Lupine CHATELAIS and I will be the MS afternoon english teacher for the upcoming school year. I’m looking forward to getting to know the children and
    guiding them through a successful school year ahead of us.
    First, allow me to share a little about myself. Working with children is my life’s passion and I’ve been instructing and working with children from age 1 to 13 for the past ten years. This
    is my first year working at Le Petit Monde, and I’ve previously worked at International School of Lyon, Kids and Us Lyon and Kids and Us Angers. I have completed my studies in the
    USA- Santa Rosa Jr College and I also had the privilege to work in their child development center-Call Child Development Center. I moved to France in 2015 and studied French
    language and culture in the Université Catholique de l’Ouest, as well as in the Université d’Angers.

    My years of experience as a teacher have shaped a teaching philosophy that guides how I help my students succeed in the classroom and beyond. I truly believe that their success
    begins with making them comfortable in the classroom. I encourage my students to share their questions and opinions in an unbiased and open environment.
    Living in different parts around the world (USA, Bangladesh, Australia, France) have helped me learn different teaching methods and explore classroom activities from around the world.
    While teaching in a bilingual environment, I like to emphasize a lot on practicing speaking, even if it’s during tidying up, playing games or cutting a piece of paper! I would love to have
    a regular session of phonics during circle time and throughout other activities.

    Over the year, I would love to introduce writing (names, numbers, alphabets, three letter words) and there will be story based activities to uplift their communication skills, language development and social abilities. For younger children, I prefer to use hands-on experiences, rather than using technology, as they help to celebrate the students’ imaginations with specialized activities.
    I hope we all will have a wonderful year with lots of cooperation and collaboration as these will only help the children to grow in knowledge.

    89 Rue André Bollier Lyon 69007


    89 Rue André Bollier Lyon 69007

    04 72 71 42 36

    De 8h à 18h30