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    The Pedagogical Project

    Our primary objectives are to awaken young children to cultural diversity and multilingualism, while developing and enriching their linguistic capacities of expression and communication.
    Starting preschool is an extremely important step for a child and his/her development. It is a moment of socialization, self-discovery and learning about life at school.
    We favor children’s well-being at the Petit Monde. The number of children enrolled per class is deliberately small in order to permit our teaching team to support and follow our students at their individual rhythm while simultaneously respecting the requirements of France’s National Educational Program.
    The co-existence of three language sections is a permanent source of discovery and stimulation for our students and the school staff.


    Therefore, the education provided at our school is an ideal way to:


    – Integrate children into the European framework, which they will be called upon to live, work and evolve within.
    – To create a positive attitude in children toward language learning.
    – Acquire the necessary linguistic capacities. By necessary linguistic capacities we mean the capacity that children have to satisfy the most frequent communicative functions according to the characteristics of their age. The choice of aptitudes explored and vocabulary acquired takes into account the children’s level of interest and their level of maturity. Teaching language with an emphasis on oral practice motivates children to actively use the language.
    – Our methodology offers your child a quality education, taught in a fun, amusing way, all the while consistently adhering to the pedagogical requirements of France’s National Educational Program.
    – Our methodology is built upon the study of specific themes that have been chosen by the teaching team, taking into account the needs and interests of young children. These themes are explored in the two languages in conjunction with activities and the necessary pedagogical support adapted to each class. The exploration of the themes in two languages is extremely important as it allows the children to establish a relationship between the vocabulary and linguistic structures of the two languages.


    “The French preschool and kindergarten curricula comply with the French Ministry of Education’s Official Educational Curriculum Program (Official Bulletin of March 2015).  The curriculum is characterized by five areas of scholastic activities:
          1. To mobilize language in all of its dimensions
          2.To do, to act and express oneself through physical activity
          3.To do, to act and express oneself through artistic activities
          4. To begin building the first tools in order to structure and organize one’s thoughts
          5. To explore the world”



    Our French Elementary school or Key Stages 1 and 2 (First and Second Grade/ Year 2 and Year 3) Program is divided into six major domains of activity:


    1. French – oral language, reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar and spelling
    2. Mathematics – numbers and calculation, organization and treatment of information, geometry, size and measurement
    3. Sport and Physical Education
    4. Discovering the World around us – objects, matter, living, shapes, sizes, quantities and numbers, space and time
    5. Perceive, Imagine, Feel, Create – musical appreciation, artistic discovery and expression, art history
    6. Civic Instruction

    Monitoring our students’ progress is an important part of our pedagogical project. The children’s work is assessed twice a year in the pre-school program and 3 times a year in the Elementary school (Key Stages 1 and 2), presented in a booklet containing the Petit Monde’s official school program and expectations. This booklet was designed as a pedagogical tool to act as a liaison between the teaching team and the parents. The booklet follows our students’ progress during their schooling at Petit Monde.


    Our philosophy and what makes our school special


    Some of the special features of the Petit Monde that we offer are:

    – An international, native speaking teaching staff,
    – A highly implicated teaching team, passionate about what they do
    – Small classroom enrollment sizes,
    – Total language immersion in the Little Section 1 and Little Section 2 Anglophone classes
    – Half-time teaching program (morning and afternoon classes are taught in two different languages),
    – A strong associative and cooperative spirit fostered between our team and our parents


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